Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inquest of Missing Time Volume 1 (cover page)

  Hello and welcome to Inquest of Missing Time. This is the cover for the first book of our exciting new ground breaking horror comedy adventure series, written by me the creator, producer, illustrator and designer, Bashar Sawalha. together with my talented team of a Co-writer Aaron Rosenberg, and a Co-colourist Sara Cantine, we will make sure to give you your weekly dose of goodness.  please dont hesitate to comment or ask any questions about the content that will be released in the weeks to come. this update every Monday!

  This story highly depends on interactivity with its fans, I will explain more along the way, keep an eye on the forums where you will be able to play along and contribute to our production. I will do my best to present this story across all the media platforms that i can control.

Thank you for your time