Monday, January 28, 2013

Page 1 (sweet & tender preparations)

Page 1 of Inquest of Missing Time

  Scopia delicately prepares a meal for her loved ones. This page reminds me of my grandmother, and how she was with her cooking. Her purpose in life was to stuff her children and their kids. Her food smelt so delicious, mostly we dug in without asking what it was. I remember a day where I was introduced to sheep intestines. She wouldn't tell us what it was, it looked like never ending links of sausage, but its wasn't. Stuffed with rice, meat and spices most of us just devoured it as the older generation giggled.

My mother always kept the surprise until we were on our car ride home. My stomach turns when I think of my ignorance, as the idea of what I have devoured, eats me up inside.

With our modern day eating habits, sometimes I wish that my grandmother was alive and still hiding recipes from us...

Time warp to first page

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