Monday, March 11, 2013

Shackled in Neverland

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  As a kid the world paused the moment a birthday cake entered the room! My mom would make the craziest designs turning every cake into a story! She would hide it in a cold room as she took her time crafting it. it was the best surprise every year. My parents always questioned why I have become an animator and disagree with my horrifying concepts...

  We all feel in someway shackled under the care of others, we take upon ourselves to obey trust and love unconditionally. these bounds keep us from exploring the world in our own way, under the umbrella of culture and heritage we pick up traits that become intertwined in our characters.

  The shackles in the womb is what gives the orphans the comfort and acceptance, like the umbilical cords it connects them to the room. Lev tames the wild Pluto by yanking him off the table to enforcing table manners. Just like a T-rex Plutos arm dont work much to his benefit, making him suffer with geting up when down!

  Umbilical strangulation is a common situation to occur in child birth, the good thing is it can easily be handled today, but I would say this is where our fear of suffocation begins!

My mother's cakes, and that is a my uncle and his wife as cake!

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