Monday, March 4, 2013

The Immortals ... where should I begin!

Page 7

  The immortal orphans, or the wild bunch? the honest truth I still dont know what to call them but what I am really sure of that it is important to me and the story not to label them as we will all explore together what they are! all the characters combine to give the spectrum of our human emotions. If taken to the simplest form like a comic illustration, we will find all of them inside of us! The collective feelings of the group will battle just as our feelings and morals decide our judgment. Just like any decision in life, we accept the consequences and carry on trying.

  Blind Asclepius senses the coming of Scopia and tries to calm the group, and smacks the wolf child Felita which constantly needs the discipline like a dog! not really paying attention to went on she turns her attention to something more important and licks herself or it some more!?!

  Surely nothing funnier than breaking the ice with a killer fart to bring the orphans to the chaos that they know. Pluto aggressively shoots up in the air spreading the giggles and discomfort across the dinner table. clearly he has gone commando as his oversized testicles peeks from under his clothes. As a kid I loved anime on arabic tv called (Tum Tum or طم طم) till this day I am not sure and cant find its not sure of its original the name and cant find it except in Arabic! maybe you could help? with all the censorship in the Arab world Tum Tum nuts seemed to go by unnoticed!

spot Tum Tum's family jewels in the opening! a symbol of humanities survival! 

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