Friday, June 7, 2013

Intermission and Golden Brush Art Battle!

First I want to apologize for the delay for Inquest of Missing Time book 2, but I wanted to share a painting competition that I was involved in! Golden Brush Art Battle a 80 minute painting battle 

I want to be honest its was my first time painting on canvas! 

"Unexpected trouble"

Our dreams of a brave new future are not what it they seem! The minds of our children are raped by ideals of characters constantly brainwashing on TV. these hugs are for real, the delicate hands of a robot are far from gentle steel. But these toys are getting stronger and less human for us to understand and deal

Inquest of Missing Time Episode 1 Chapter 2 of 3 coming soon to Youtube, music by Sanity54
if you missed our first chapter then check it out in the link below

I will be announcing Inquest of Missing Time Book 2 shortly as I will start Season 2 of the Webcomic

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