Monday, February 18, 2013

Inquest of Missing Time Page 4 & 5 (double spread)

  Pages 4 & 5 are my favorite pages! Personally, I see the top part being page 4. I wanted a wide panoramic view to show how isolated everything was from the world outside! It definitely added more depth to the scene as it also implies zooming out while the frames fit in each other.
The bottom part shows the reveal of the underbelly or the hidden secret. As Scopia peels back the layers of the floor and goes down the spiral staircase, the layout of the frames are meant to feel similar to the famous shot in Hitchcock's "Vertigo."

  I put a lot of detail into this scene because I am from the desert. We do not have so much colour and I have always been fascinated by the forest landscapes. I love how the colours of the mountains mix with the trees here in BC. I kept revisiting this panel all throughout my time working on the comic. Living on the west coast influenced my desire to bring the natural beauty that surrounds me to life in the comic.

  We all have secrets kept hidden inside. the most important of them we take to graves. deep down a portal is a world for the self to explore.

Time warp to first page

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