Monday, February 25, 2013

Page 6 (the belly of the beast)

The first reveal! Scopia sinks into the ground and prays fearing the unknown consequences of her families evil deeds. Away from the world in the womb where they have been cooped for years, the immortals orphans live happily under the family's wing. Shelterd in "Neverland" and far from the hardships of life, they comfortably forget about the life outside the womb.

The secrets we keep from the ones we love gives the illusion of comfort, many of us grow in a protected shell that makes it difficult to cope adapting to the changing world around us. our instinct for survival have transformed into helplessness that plagues our existence. We always feel like our time is running out! Its how much we believe we can do that gives us this weakness

Time warp to first page


  1. the illustrations looks great. nice job done man :)

    1. Thanks Tony!
      its about to get ugly soon but in a good way! I will be releasing a page every monday, please come back and enjoy more of what we are sharing!

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