Monday, March 25, 2013

The excitement of hunger!

Page 10 of Inquest of Missing Time

The orphans continue with their character introduction as the goof around the table! Scopia can barely notice what they are doing cause she has grown older and less aware of the fast movement! Trista's mixed emotions take over and give her the impression of food on the table as she chows down on an empty fork!

Phantosos sleeps comfortably on the table. his narcolepsy takes over most of his time, but he dreams of the future as he is considered an oracle as he could tell the future! In greek mythology, Phantasos is the son of Hypnos the god of sleep, and His mother is Pasithea, the goddess of hallucination. in our story Phantosos combines the characters of his mythical parents takes the position of fate! rarely Phantasos will guide the group as he might share some of his knowledge if his sleep is disrupted.

Decimus, out favorite mischievous character loves messing with Phantasos as he sleeps, he is smart and always convinces someone to do the dirty work. We can see him trying to get Ajax's attention to start banging on the table, and with Ajax not having the ability to think for himself and his love to follow orders he concurs

This page is a true representation of my cousins when gathering up for lunch on the Jordanian dish called Mansaf! I hope the fed Obama some since he is in Jordan this week, I am sure the Jordanian hospitality will not allow Obama to leave without trying!

Photos above show the infamous Mansaf! 

  • The Mansaf: made of a special Jordanian yogurt called Jameed, with lamb rosted almonds on top of a sheet of shraak (bread), rice and samneh! (THE TASTIEST JORDANIAN LARD)
  • The desert Beduin (nomad) of Jordan cooking the Mansaf
  • Two great gentlemen I respect and know in the animation industry! Producer Noritaka Kawaguchi and Director Makoto Shinkai From CoMix Wave excited to dig into the Mansaf! Thank you guys for the inspiring trip to Jordan, and the support to the Jordanian peeps! :D
my Mansaf preparation! 

Time warp to first page

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