Monday, April 1, 2013

Dooom Taka Taka! Phantasos' wake up call!

Page 11 of Inquest of Missing Time
(play the music below)

  Ajax Starts drumming following Decimus's lead and takes his orders. His powerful hands drop a turkish drum beat as he flicks one of the table boards in sleeping Phantasos' face waking him from his slumber. dizzy and confused birds fly around over Phantasos' head and a cow pops up to spray his face with her miracle milk to put him back into focus. Ajax is ashamed as he notices what he has done, and sits there thinking, as Decimus enjoys his scheming.

  Some frames in this page seem confusing, but they are  intended to make us feel that the actions are simultaneous. Asclepius mimics Scopia's celebrative song as she drops the feast on the table! the smell is so intense and familiar to the kids, they pop up on the table with excitement as they salivate for there meal!

  In this page I think I have gotten closer than ever to perfecting my frame intentions. the timing and flow of the page feels right to the pace and random actions of the orphans, you can read the page in different ways but still get the same story! many things are missed in our life as we focus on major things to us! nothing will be lost in time as the viewer gets god's magnifying glass on the moment!

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