Monday, April 29, 2013

Life is short, better make the most of it!

Page 16 of Inquest of Missing Time
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  Scopia lies of the floor dead, after her internal with the future of the chosen ones  struggle with no one to feed the little ones as they have devoured their meal not knowing that this would be their last supper, they have scraped all the meat needed for their survival leaving the time consuming decorations.

  The next day at the orphanage, Aorta takes care of the orphans and alone she calls the young boys and girls to come have their dinner. Knowing that her mother has not come back yet from doing her secretive deeds by maintaining the horrifying family legacy that she denies. Her heart boils with fear worried of what could become of her mother around the cannibals.

  This brings us to the end of Inquest of Missing Time Volume 1, Next week I will be sharing a short fable that will put our story in perspective

  I hope you have enjoyed the first slice of our epic horror comedy adventure, make sure to run back and read the story from the beginning to find out more

Time warp to first page

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