Monday, April 22, 2013

Stairway to Heaven!

Page 14 & 15 of Inquest of Missing Time 

  As Scopia climbs up the stairs once more after feeding her darlings, she revisits her past and family history. The orphanage and the secrets that been passed down through the bloodline of her ancestry. The Immortal orphans and the countless souls and dishes that were collected.

  Scopia remembers the immortal adoption of Cebriel, the last orphan to the clan. Gifted a life that man dreams of and cant understand, for even her only daughter denies that evil plan. A truth that troubles Scopia and threatens the survival of the twelve innocent orphans of ancient history.

  When the days that are left are less what what we've had, we reminisce and try and give that moment another hand....

to those that have inspired and passed, your footsteps and like fossils to be kept in our memories intact.

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